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What Does “SubhanAllah” Mean?

SubhanAllah is an Arabic phrase that holds significance in Islamic culture. SubhanAllah is a combination of two words: “Subhan” and “Allah”. The word “Subhan” signifies “glory be” and people use the word “Allah” as an Arabic phrase for God.

Muslims use the phrase “SubhanAllah” to show gratitude towards Allah. It is an act of seeking refinement of the heart. It deepens the connection with Allah.

In Quran:

"If someone says 'Allah is perfect and worthy of praise' 100 times a day, Allah will forgive their sins. It doesn't matter how many sins they have committed".

“Subhan Allah” in Arabic

In Arabic, people use SubhanAllah to mean “Glory to Allah” and consider it a form of Dhikr. In Arabic, people write SubhanAllah as سُبحَانَ اللّٰہِ.

Do You Want To Know How To Pronounce Subhan Allah?

The word SubhanAllah is divided into small steps.

  • The pronunciation of “Su” is like “soo”.
  • The pronunciation of “BHA” sounds like “buh”.
  • The pronunciation of “Na” is like “nuh”.
  • The pronunciation of “Allah” is like “lah”.

When you put it all together, you pronounce it as “SubhanAllah”.

The Significance Of SubhanAllah In Islam:

The word Subhan Allah holds great significance in Islam. Knowing its importance can help you understand the fundamental concepts of the Islamic faith. The significance of SubhanAllah includes;

Remembrance of Allah:

It is a way to remember Allah and His countless blessings. It helps to maintain a strong connection with Allah.

Gratitude and Appreciation:

It is a way to Thank Allah for various blessings that include giving gifts of life and health. Through this phrase, Muslims recognize their dependence on Allah’s mercy.

Seeking forgiveness:

SubhanAllah also holds the significance of seeking forgiveness from Allah. Muslims seek His forgiveness for their sins.

Proclamation of Tawheed:

SubhanAllah emphasizes Tawheed (the belief in the oneness of Allah).

Integration in Worship:

Muslims integrate SubhanAllah into various acts of worship. People recite it during prayer and supplications.

The Power Of Praising Allah With SubhanAllah

The power behind praising Allah with Subhan Allah includes:

  • Connection with the Allah
  • Expressing Gratitude
  • Purification of the Heart
  • Protection and Seeking Refuge
  • Strengthening Faith
  • Remembrance

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Integrating SubhanAllah In Daily Supplications

Saying Subhan Allah daily strengthens our bond with Allah and brings more blessings into our lives. You should include Subhan Allah in daily supplications as:

  • Morning and Evening Adhkar
  • Before and After Prayer
  • Seeking Protection
  • Remembrance Throughout the Day
  • Before Sleep
  • Gratitude and Praise

The Impact Of SubhanAllah On One’s Character Development

Daily recitation of Subhan Allah has an impact on one’s character development. It creates a sense of humility as we accept and acknowledge the power and wisdom of Allah. This word encourages us to appreciate the goodness in our lives.

This recitation brings a sense of inner peace to the heart. It cleanses the heart from negative things such as anger, jealousy, etc.

How To Acquire A Habit Of Saying, Subhan Allah?

Developing a habit of saying Subhan Allah requires patience, focus, and sincerity. To practice this habit, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Start this habit by learning and understanding the word SubhanAllah. Reflect on its benefits with its recitation.
  • Set reminders that prompt you to say SubhanAllah.
  • Make a habit of saying SubhanAllah in the morning and evening routines.
  • Make a habit of saying SubhanAllah before and after prayer.
  • Make a habit of saying SubhanAllah before sleeping.

The Relationship Between Subhan Allah and Gratitude

When we recite SubhanAllah, we appreciate the blessings and beauty that Allah gives to us. While gratitude is appreciating and thanking Allah for His countless blessings. When we recite Subhan Allah, it deepens our gratitude. “Subhan Allah” and “gratitude”, are interrelated and they both recognize the blessings and perfection of Allah.

The Connection Between SubhanAllah And The Qur’an

SubhanAllah means “Glory be to Allah” in Arabic. The Quran is Islam’s holy book, revealed to Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Muslims often recite the phrase Subhan Allah in the Quran.

The Quran itself encourages the remembrance of Allah. The connection between the Subhan Allah and the Quran extends beyond the recitation. These both interconnect to recognize the greatness and perfection of Allah.

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Integrating Subhan Allah In Daily Conversations

Integrating SubhanAllah into our daily conversations affects our spiritual life and interaction with others. It reminds us of Allah’s greatness and promotes a state of awareness.

By integrating this expression, we strengthen our faith in Allah. SubhanAllah in difficult moments helps us to maintain a positive look. To admire nature’s beauty, we should use the expression SubhanAllah.

The Etiquettes Of Saying, Subhan Allah

SubhanAllah is a form of worship and a source of getting closer to Allah. Here are some etiquettes to keep in mind when saying, Subhan Allah:

  • Purity of Intention
  • Mindfulness
  • Moderation
  • Respectful Tone
  • Internalize the Meaning
  • Appropriate Context
  • Teach and Share

SubhanAllah and the concept of Astaghfar (seeking forgiveness)


Muslims use the phrase Subhan Allah to show gratitude towards Allah. It is an act of seeking clarification of the heart. It deepens the connection with Allah.

The act of saying SubhanAllah reflects the greatness of Allah. As we are humans, sometimes our actions cannot meet the standards set by Allah. This is the phase we should use Astaghfar. Astaghfar is seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty for our mistakes and sins.

When we combine the practice of saying SubhanAllah with Astaghfar, we generate a powerful experience. Subhan Allah is a reminder of Allah’s perfection while Astaghfar recognizes our shortcomings and asks for forgiveness.

What Are The Benefits of Saying, Subhan Allah?

Some benefits of saying SubhanAllah are:

  • It Increases Spiritual Awareness
  • Mindfulness and Presence
  • Purification of the Heart
  • Strengthen Connection with Allah
  • Protection from Negative Influences
  • Increase Rewards and Blessings

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I incorporate Subhan Allah into my daily life?

You can incorporate SubhanAllah in your life by using it as a positive exclamation. You can use it in moments of joy and difficulty. You can use Subhan Allah as an act of worship, such as after praying and reciting the Quran.

What is the significance of saying, Subhan Allah?

Subhan Allah holds great significance in Islam. It serves a deep connection with Allah and acknowledges His perfection.

Can saying SubhanAllah bring blessings and rewards?

Yes, according to Islamic teachings, regular remembrance of Allah brings blessings and rewards in life.

Can non-Muslims say SubhanAllah?

This phrase is most commonly used by Muslims. Non-Muslims have their way of expressing admiration.

What is the correct way to pronounce Subhan Allah to anyone in any dialect? Or is it more ppropriate that I say it in Arabic?

People usually speak the phrase Subhan Allah in Arabic. However, the understanding and intentions behind the phrase are more important than the language. If you are more comfortable speaking in your language, you can do so.

 Is there a specific number of times I should say, Subhan Allah?

There is no set number of times to say, Subhan Allah. You can say it as frequently as you like and feel comfortable with it.

Can I use Subhan Allah as a form of supplication or prayer?

People can also use SubhanAllah as a form of prayer or supplication. It is possible to add additional prayers or requests following the words Subhan Allah to ask for Allah’s direction or forgiveness.

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