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Online Hadith courses


In our Online Hadith Course, you can explore the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and deepen your understanding of Hadith studies. We have designed this course to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience from the comfort of your home. 

In this course, you will discover the Wisdom of Hadiths from our expert and knowledgeable teachers. They will guide you throughout the study process and clarify your misunderstandings. Through the Hadith course, you will deepen your connection with Allah.

This course teaches you about ethics and manners from Hadith and how to apply them in your everyday life. After this course, you’ll learn to tell apart real and weak stories and have a strong base in Islamic Studies

Learn Authentic Hadith Interpretation Online

You will learn Hadiths and their meanings from authentic sources in our Online Hadith Course. In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W) teachings and traditions. You will learn Hadiths from authentic sources including Sahih Muslim, Sahih Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Sanu Abu Dawood, and more.

You will be provided with a comprehensive curriculum to study the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). You will understand the historical concept surrounding each Hadith. After completing this course, you will receive a certificate of your expertise in Hadith studies. 

Our Online Hadith Course Curriculum

Hadith Course Curriculum

Noor UL Quran Education has designed a comprehensive curriculum to delve you with a deep understanding of Hadith Studies. Here is a glimpse of our comprehensive curriculum.

  • Introduction to Hadith Sciences
  • Hadith Classification and Terminology
  • Chain of Narrators (Isnad)
  • Different Hadith Collections
  • Hadith Textual Studies
  • Hadith and Fiqh
  • Hadith Translation and Interpretation
  • Hadith and Islamic History
  • Practical Applications of Hadith in Daily Life


Join us and start your Hadith Course with our experienced tutors. We are providing 3-day free trial classes.

Study Of Hadith Texts In Depth

If you want to study the Hadiths’ texts in depth then this course is best for you. In this course, you will learn the Hadiths’ Texts, their historical context, and ways to implement them in life.  Here’s our course highlight below:

Hadith Literature Overview:

You will begin with an overview of Hadith literature which includes its history and significance in Islamic teachings.

Study of Hadith Texts:

You will study the Hadith texts, and their original Arabic language, and understand the rich meanings. 

Contextual Understanding:

You will gain an opportunity to learn about the historical and cultural context of Hadiths.

Arabic Language Enhancement:

In this course, you will enhance your Arabic language skills, grammar, and syntax. Note: If you want your kids to learn about Islam, Enroll them in Islamic Studies For Kids program.

Learn Hadith From Different Collections

In our Online Hadith Course, you will learn about Hadiths from different collections. Here is an overview of what you can expect from our course:

  • Introduction to Hadith Collections
  • Imam Bukhari and Sahih Bukhari
  • Imam Muslim and Sahih Muslim
  • Unique Narrations
  • Hadith Memorization and Recitation

This course will provide you with a profound understanding of Hadiths. Don’t miss the opportunity for your spiritual growth. Enroll now and be a part of our course.

Why Choose Us?

1 on 1 session

At a time teachers only teach one student which helps students to improve better. Students will be free to ask any Question during class

Flexible Timings

Student can choose his/her suitable time to take class. Any time which will be selected our teachers be available at that time

Male/Female Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are certified from different good Islamic institutes and having 3 to 8 years of teaching experience. We have male and female teachers and we will held your class with your preferable gender of teacher .The purpose of our teachers is not only to complete the course but also to enhance the Islamic information of students specially kids.

Hadith Memorization Techniques In Our Online Course

We understand the importance of preserving the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to deepen your connection with Prophetic traditions. We offer some techniques to memorize various Hadiths. These techniques include:

Structured Memorization modules:

Our course includes structured modules which are helpful for memorization of Hadiths. These modules start from simpler Hadiths to complex ones. 

Meaningful Understanding:

Our instructors provide explanations and meanings which help our students to understand the significance of each Hadith. 

Repetition and Review:

Repetition is the best way of memorization. Our course emphasizes repetition and review of previously memorized Hadiths to strengthen your memory.

Personalized progress training:

Our platform allows you to monitor your memorization progress to identify your weakest areas of memorization that require more attention. 

Interactive Quizzes:

Our instructors take tests and quizzes to identify your memorization progress and encourage active recall. 

Expert Guidance:

Our instructors provide expert guidance and tips for improving the memorization skills of students. 

The Benefits Of Studying Hadith Online

There are a lot of benefits to studying Hadith Online.  It is an accessible choice for seekers who want to study Hadiths online. Some key advantages of studying Hadith online are:

Convenience and Flexibility:

Our Online Hadith courses provide flexibility and convenience to our students to study from anywhere, anytime. 

Global Accessibility:

Our online platform breaks geographical barriers. Students can join this course from anywhere in the world and study at their pace. 

Expert Guidance:

Experienced and knowledgeable teachers who can access high-quality Hadith courses teach our online Hadith classes. 

Interactive learning:

Our classes provide an interactive learning environment where students can easily ask questions without any hesitation. 


Our classes have lower costs to make them accessible to everyone easily. 

Certificate of Completion:

After completing this course, we provide a completion certificate to our students.

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Affordable Pricing For The Online Hadith Course

At Noor Ul Quran Education, we make our Online Hadith Course accessible to all. That is why we offer an affordable pricing structure so that everyone can easily join our course without any financial constraints. We competitively price our course fees to make them accessible to learners. We offer flexible payment plans to manage your fees in multiple installments. There are no additional or hidden costs that you have to pay after enrolling in our course. We offer discounts to siblings belonging to the same family. We also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our classes. We provide various payment options to make it convenient for learners.  If you are a converted Muslim then must take a view of our New Muslim Course.
Online Hadith Course
Online Hadith courses

The Hadith Course is a captivating journey through the profound sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It's not merely a study; it's a pilgrimage into the heart of Islamic tradition. This course is a treasure trove of timeless wisdom, a glimpse into the life and teachings of the last prophet. With scholarly guidance, it unveils the light of the Hadith, illuminating a path of understanding, ethics, and spirituality.

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Join us and start your Hadith Course with our experienced teachers. We are only charging 5$/hour instead of 10$/hour. We are providing 3-day free trial classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online Hadith course is for anyone interested in Islamic studies and wanting to learn more about Hadiths, regardless of age.

There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in our course. Our course is beneficial to cater to learners of all levels, especially beginners.

Yes, this course is completely online. Students don't need any in-person requirements. All you need is an internet connection to access course materials from anywhere.

The course duration varies on the learning capability of students. This course is flexible allowing you to study at your own pace and speed. Normally, students complete this course within a few months. 

Yes, there are exams, assessments, and quizzes to evaluate your learning process.

Yes, we have a refund policy in order if you are not satisfied with our course. 

Yes, you will receive a certificate after completing the course to acknowledge your dedication to the field of Hadith sciences.

We provide different ways to pay fees;

  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Cash app
  • Western Union