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Noor ul Quran Education is an excellent place to learn the Quran. Here, students of all ages can recite the Quran perfectly and beautifully in a short amount of time. We offer the chance to learn Quran Course With Tajweed Online from the comfort of your home. Upon finishing the course, you will be able to recite the Quran with Tajweed beautifully


Recite the Quran beautifully with our course and experienced tutors. We are providing 3-day free trial classes.

How We Help You To Improve Your Quran Recitation Skills?

To recite the Quran beautifully, requires great attention, practice, and a deep understanding of the Arabic language. There are some tips through which you can recite Quran beautifully:

  • Learn the rules of Tajweed
  • Learn the Arabic accent
  • Practice regularly
  • Memorize the Quran
  • Listen to recitations
  • Seek guidance

How We help you to recite the Quran in different accents?

There are different styles of reciting the Quran; each has different rules and guidelines. These styles are called Qira’at.

The most used Qira’at is Hafs an Aasim, which is widely used in the Muslim world. It is recommended to recite the Quran in the accent of the people of Makkah. This is because the Quran was revealed in this accent. All people think that it would be better to recite in this accent. If you are a beginner, then you can also Learn Noorani Qaida Online for the perfect accent of the Quranic words.

How We Help To Apply The Basic Rules Of Tajweed To Your Quran Recitation:

Tajweed are the basic rules and regulations which are used for the accent and recitation of the Quran. The basic rules for Tajweed are given below:


The accent is part of Tajweed that focuses on the exact pronunciation of letters, including vowels and consonants. This emphasizes the clear delivery of Quranic words.

Pause and stop:

This part of Tajweed tells us where we must stop and pause while reciting.


Tajweed also teaches us how to emphasize certain letters of the Quran while reciting.


Gunnah makes a nasal sound when we pronounce specific letters like Noon and Meem.


These parts explain the length of each word and teach us which word should be lengthier and less lengthy in recitation.


Tajweed also teaches us about merging different letters.

How To Recite The Quran Without Making Mistakes:

Common mistakes
The common mistakes to avoid while reciting Quran are:

Misreading accent:

The Quran has its own pronunciation rules and reciters need to recite the Quran by following these rules to avoid mistakes.

Lack of understanding:

Reciters must develop a deep understanding while reciting the Quran. Without understanding, this may lead reciters to understand the Quran with inaccurate meanings.

Rusting through recitation:

Recitation of the Quran should be done with calm. Rushing through recitation will lead to mistakes in the pronunciation of the Quran.

Lack of focus:

Recite the Quran with great focus and concentration. Without focus will lead to various mistakes.

Not seeking guidance:

For reciting the Quran, it must be important to seek guidance from an experienced teacher to avoid mistakes.

Why Choose Us?

1 on 1 session

At a time teachers only teach one student which helps students to improve better. Students will be free to ask any Question during class

Flexible Timings

Student can choose his/her suitable time to take class. Any time which will be selected our teachers be available at that time

Male/Female Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are certified from different good Islamic institutes and having 3 to 8 years of teaching experience. We have male and female teachers and we will held your class with your preferable gender of teacher .The purpose of our teachers is not only to complete the course but also to enhance the Islamic information of students specially kids.

Features And Benefits

Budget-friendly fee plan:

We offer a budget-friendly fee plan for students. If there are 2 to 3 children in one family, they receive a discount.

Parents’ feedback:

Every week, we take parents’ feedback to address their concerns the right way.

Safety and observation:

The Noor ul Quran education online class provides safety for your children. Sending them to mosques or institutes exposes them to potential road risks.

One-to-one Quran Memorization classes:

We conduct one-to-one classes; pay full attention to every individual student.

Free trial classes and evaluation:

We provide free 3 days trial classes to evaluate our Quran Classes and tutors. You don’t have to pay anything for these trial classes. 

Flexible timings to memorize the Quran:

There is no time issue to read the Quran. Our tutors are available 24/7 to teach students according to their flexible time.

Students' Feedback


Levels Of Quran Reading Classes:

First level:

At the First level, our teachers provide different exercises and quizzes for students to develop an interest in learning.

Second level:

Our second level is about understanding and applying the rules while reciting the Quran.

Modes Of Quran Recitation Course:

There are seven modes of the Quran recitation course, which are also known as (SEVEN AHRUF). Each mode has its pronunciation, and rhythm and is still used today for Quran recitation. These seven Ahruf are:

  • Ibn Kathir al-Makki
  • Ibn ‘Amir ad-Dimashqi
  • Al-Kisaa’i al-Kufi
  • Hamzah az-Zayyat al-Kufi
  • Naafi’ al-Madani
  • Asim al-Kufi
  • Abu ‘Amr ibn al-‘Ala’
Quran Recitation Course

The Quran Recitation Course is a transformative journey into the heart of the Quran's melodic eloquence. It's more than just learning to read Arabic; it's a voyage of spiritual connection. With precision and devotion, it unravels the Quran's rhythmic beauty, turning words into a symphony of divine expression. Each lesson is a step closer to understanding, not just the language, but the soul of the Quran itself. It's an experience that elevates hearts and minds, forging a profound connection to the sacred text.

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Recite the Quran with our course and experienced tutors. We are only charging 5$/hour instead of 10$/hour. We are providing 3-day free trial classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reading and reciting the Quran takes different amounts of time. This varies depending on factors such as the reciter's reading speed, the length of the verses, and their mastery of Arabic.

Beginners should first take starting classes on the Quran. They should have to read the short Surahs of the Quran.

To read the Quran properly, you must recite the short Surahs of the Quran. Listen to an audio recording of a Qaari reciting the Quran.

A reciter should read the Quran word by word to understand the meanings and memorize the Arabic words.