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Noor ul Quran education is the best place for your kids to have basic knowledge of Islam. Muslims living in non-Muslim countries can benefit from Noor ul Quran Education.

It seeks to raise them in an Islamic manner. Send your child to Noor ul Quran education for Islamic studies.

It is an ideal place for kids. We provide basic Islamic lessons to our kids because we want to know about their Deen. They must have knowledge of Islam.

We offer basic Islamic lessons to children. These lessons teach them how to live their lives according to Islamic guidelines. Doing so will bring rewards in this life and the afterlife. If you want to learn about different Hadiths, then must join Online Hadith Classes.


Join us and start your Islamic Studies course. We are providing 3 day free trial.

What Will You And Your Kids Learn From Our Online Islamic Course?

Islamic studies course
Noor Ul Quran Education offers a special course for children and parents to learn about Islam.  In our Islamic courses, you will learn:

Quranic Studies:

Our Online course built a strong foundation in Quranic Studies. Your kids will learn how to recite the Quran with proper Tajweed. 

Islamic History and Prophets:

Through our course, students will learn about Islamic history. Your kids will gain guidance for their own lives.

Islamic morals and ethics:

Our course emphasizes behavior in children. They will learn about kindness, honesty, and truth through real-life examples. 

Islamic Pillars:

Through our course, students will learn about the 5 Pillars of Islam. The pillars provide a framework for living a life by Islamic beliefs. 

Why Choose Us?

1 on 1 session

At a time teachers only teach one student which helps students to improve better. Students will be free to ask any Question during class

Flexible Timings

Student can choose his/her suitable time to take class. Any time which will be selected our teachers be available at that time

Male/Female Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are certified from different good Islamic institutes and having 3 to 8 years of teaching experience. We have male and female teachers and we will held your class with your preferable gender of teacher .The purpose of our teachers is not only to complete the course but also to enhance the Islamic information of students specially kids.

Features And Benefits:


Here are some features of our Online Islamic Course For Kids:

Age-Appropriate Curriculum:

We specially design our curriculum for kids to ensure that the content is suitable for their level of understanding.

Qualified Instructors:

Our experienced instructors will teach Islamic concepts to children throughout the course.

Comprehension Lessons Materials:

We teach them well-structured lessons that cover each topic of Islamic studies including Islamic history, Quranic Studies, and more. 

Parental Involvement:

We provide the resources that enable communication between parents and teachers. We listen to parents’ input and handle their concerns appropriately. 

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere:

We are 24/7 accessible to our students anytime, anywhere. We are providing flexibility and convenience to our students for learning. 

Secure and Child-Friendly Platform:

We provide safety for your children. Transporting them to mosques or educational centers puts them at risk of accidents.


Here are some benefits of our Online Islamic Course:
  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility
  • Engaging Learning Experience:
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Convenient Resource Access

Students' Feedback


Islamic Studies For Kids Curriculum:

We provide a curriculum for our kids from basic to advanced levels. Furthermore, we are providing classes for Reverted Muslims. You have the option to enroll your kids based on their age and proficiency level. The available levels are:

  • Beginner (4-8 years old)
  • Intermediate (8-12 years old)
  • Advanced (12-15 years old)

Islamic Studies Program:

Islamic studies for kids (12 levels):

There are 12 levels that cover all the branches of Islamic studies. Each level contains several subjects (Aqedah, Fiqh, Tafseer, Sirah, and more).

Islamic group classes for kids:

We provide group classes for kids who belong to the same level of Islamic studies.
Islamic Studies For Kids

Islamic Studies for Kids: Ignite their curiosity, nourish their faith. Enroll now for an enriching educational adventure!

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Learn Islamic Studies with our experienced tutors. We are only charging 5$/hour instead of 10$/hour. 3 days are our free trial classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Noor ul Quran education is honored to teach kid from a very starting age. The kid will learn Islamic studies courses with fun.

Everyone who is interested and willing to learn about Islam will benefit from Islamic studies course.

Yes, it is highly recommended to arrange a tutor because he/she will guide you properly.

Yes, we offer discounts to kids belonging to the same family.

You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone, as well as a reliable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone, in order to participate in Islamic studies classes.

We provide different ways to pay fees;
Cash app
Western Union

Yes, of course because we pay full attention to our students. Make clear their misunderstandings. Further, you can also check out the reviews of our previous students for your satisfaction.

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