Online Quran Classes For Kids


Online Quran classes are for different ages of people, starting from kids to adults. We teach the basics of the Quran to our students.

This includes learning Surahs, Duas, and reciting Arabic words. We also help students improve their Arabic language skills and gain a better understanding of Quranic verses. We help them memorize short Surahs.

At Noor Ul Quran Education, your kids learn the Quran under the guidance of qualified tutors. No one will find the difficulty uninteresting because we put all our efforts into teaching them in a comfortable environment.

  • We provide different courses to learn Surahs, Memorize Quran Online, and all other Islamic studies from the comfort of your home.
  • We provide courses for any age from kids to adults.
  • Try our teaching services free of charge for three days. Evaluate our classes and decide if our course is right for you.


Join us and start your Quran classes with our experienced tutors. We are providing 3-day free trial classes.

Our 3 Courses For Kids:


Quran course for beginners:

This beginning Quran course includes the following points.

  • Teach the basics of the Quran
  • Teach children how to recite Quran
  • Teach short Surahs
  • Teach short Duas

Tajweed course for kids:

This Tajweed Quran Course includes the following points.

  • Students will learn how to read the Quran with Tajweed.
  • To recite the Quran in an Arabic tone.
  • To read the Quran without misreading and having any errors and confusion in it.

Hifz course for kids:

This Quran Hifz Course Online includes the following points.

  • Learning the Quran with meaning in Urdu ensures an easy way of memorizing and understanding the Quran.
  • Revising the memorized part of the Quran in order not to forget it.
  • Learning the Surahs with the cause of revelation for better understanding.

Why Choose Us?

1 on 1 session

At a time teachers only teach one student which helps students to improve better. Students will be free to ask any Question during class

Flexible Timings

Student can choose his/her suitable time to take class. Any time which will be selected our teachers be available at that time

Male/Female Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are certified from different good Islamic institutes and having 3 to 8 years of teaching experience. We have male and female teachers and we will held your class with your preferable gender of teacher .The purpose of our teachers is not only to complete the course but also to enhance the Islamic information of students specially kids.

Features And Benefits:


Some features of our classes are:

Qualified And Experienced Quran Teachers:

Noor Ul Quran Education has highly qualified and experienced teachers who are knowledgeable in Quranic Studies for kids.

Interactive Virtual Learning Environment:

Our classes provide an interactive learning environment where students actively engage with the teacher and freely ask questions.

Tajweed and Quranic Pronunciation:

The Quran classes focus on teaching proper Tajweed rules to recite the Quran with tajweed appropriately and beautifully.

Quran Memorization Programs:

Our online Quran classes provide memorization programs with guidance and techniques for children interested in memorizing the Quran.

Safety and Security Measures:

Our Quran Classes prioritize children’s safety by offering an online platform and ensuring a secure learning environment.

Q&A sessions:

Students have the opportunity to freely ask questions during the class for their better understanding.


Some benefits of our classes are:
  • Convenience and Flexibility
  • Access to Qualified Teachers
  • Individualized Attention
  • Enhanced Focus and Concentration
  • Continuous Support and Resources
  • Efficient Learning

Students' Feedback


Quran Courses:

quran courses

We offer a range of Online Quran Courses including;

  • Quranic Studies
  • Quranic Grammar
  • Quran Tafseer
  • Quran Memorization
  • Quran Arabic

The Equipment You Need For Online Quran Classes:

The equipment you need for online Quran classes includes:

  • Computer
  • Tablet or smartphone
  • Reliable internet connection
  • A webcam
  • A microphone
Quran Classes For Kids

Quran classes for kids are a captivating journey into the heart of Islamic knowledge tailored to young minds. These classes provide a nurturing environment where children discover the Quran's timeless wisdom. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, young learners build a strong foundation in Arabic, recitation, and understanding of Quranic principles. These classes not only impart knowledge but also instill values, fostering a lifelong connection with the Quran, building character, and nurturing a love for spirituality.

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Join Us And Start Your Journey

Join us and start your Quran classes with our experienced teachers. We are only charging 5$/hour instead of 10$/hour. We are providing 3-day free trial classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Quran classes offer many advantages. They are flexible, with an instructor who is qualified and affordable. Plus, you can study from anywhere with an internet connection.

You will need a mobile phone or a computer and well internet connection to join an online class.

The length of your online Quran classes will depend on the course you select and how committed you are to learning. 

Depending on the course, the duration of the study, the instructor, or the institute, the cost of online Quran classes varies.

Yes, we offer discounts to kids belonging to the same family.

Yes, you can study Quran at your pace with the flexible scheduling offered by the online Quran classes.

For the class times, there are three options; 30, 45, and 60 minutes are allotted. Your child is welcome to enroll in any of them.

Yes, of course, because we pay full attention to our students. Make clear their misreading. Further, you can also check out the reviews of our previous students for your satisfaction.

We provide different ways to pay fees;

  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Cash app
  • Western Union