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Education of Needy Orphans

Donate Now For Education Of Needy Orphans

Where have we spent your donations?

The purpose of generating this page is that if Allah has blessed you with many blessings and you want to help those Muslim brothers and sisters who can’t even afford meals for their families twice a day and want to learn more about Islam and strengthen their Iman, you can give your donations (sadka, zakat, and fitrana) to us for them.

We spent donations to teach those kids or people who can't afford classes but eagerly want to learn about Quran education or want to do Quran memorization and other Islamic education.
We spent your donations to buy the Quran and other Islamic books (Hadith books, Dua books, books of Islamic history) for those who want to learn more and more about Islam and want to get knowledge about Islamic history, and for those who don't even have the Quran to read in their daily lives and understand what Allah says in the Quran.
We spent your donations on those needy people who don't even have enough money to buy only one meal for themselves or their families and don't have enough clothes for their needs.
We also spend your donations to hold sehar and iftar food arrangements in Ramadan so every Muslim can fast according to the order of Allah Almighty.